Humidity Indicator Cards Show Appropriate Moisture Levels

What are Humidity Indicator Cards?
The presence of moisture/humidity can prove to be very harmful for dpacke products. If the packages contain very high levels of humidity it will react negatively with the packed goods. Humidity can ruin the products and bring about various physical as well as chemical changes in them. It is in order to prevent such happenings that companies make use of different objects, which give indications about the humidity levels in packages. Once these indicators are in place, one can easily control the moisture content present in closed spaces. Some of the commonly used moisture indicators are Silica Gel, Activated Alumina and Humidity Indicating Cards.
Humidity indicating Cards, as the name suggests, are cards containing a moisture-sensitive chemical, which changes colour when the prescribed humidity levels are exceeded. The color change will let one know if the humidity levels in the packages are at the permissible level or not. The moisture-sensitive paper usually used in the Humidity Indicating Cards contain cobalt(II) chloride base or the lesser toxic copper(II) chloride base. Whenever excess moisture levels are reached, these Indicating Cards will change colour to show the same. These cards enjoy wide popularity among companies as they are one of the easiest methods of knowing humidity levels.

Functioning of Humidity Indicating Cards Explained
The Humidity Indicating Cards work in a very simple manner. They are not actual absorbers of moisture, just indicators of whether the humidity is at the optimum levels. When the Humidity Indicating Cards show that higher moisture levels are reached, it is an indication that the adsorbents present in the closed spaces are saturated and need to be replaced. 

When the Humidity Indicating Cards come in contact with the moisture, they will respond as per their various sensitive spots. Different moisture levels will affect different moisture spots and each will react in a different manner to show various moisture levels. The colour changes can be in various shades- blue to pink and vice versa, green, orange and white. The colour white usually indicates that all the moisture has been removed from the packages. It clearly shows that the molecular absorbents placed inside have reached their saturation point and need to be replaced as soon as possible. This is the biggest advantage of using Humidity Indicating Cards.
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