Buy Rayon/Cotton/Polyester Types of Pharmaceutical Coils

Understanding Pharmaceutical Coils

Pharmaceutical coils are fine-quality fiber coils, which find use in the pharmaceutical industry safeguarding pharma products from the effects of moisture, air, dew and dust particles. The pharmaceutical coils available in the market are light weigh and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (popularly known as USFDA). Pharmaceutical coils are very important for the pharmaceutical sector as pharma products need to be safe from moisture, oxygen and air as these can harm the products. Water vapour molecules can bring about many physical and chemical changes in pharmaceutical products. When the physical and chemical composition of the pharma items like tablets and medicines change, these changes are irreversible. This will lead to the pharmaceutical company suffering heavy losses.

Pharmaceutical coils are usually sold in three categories, namely cotton coils, rayon coils and polyester coils. These three forms of pharmaceutical coils are very popular and have a high demand from pharmaceutical companies to protect their goods from the ill-effects of air and moisture. In the market, the light weight cotton coils, rayon coils and polyester coils can be found in the range of 13 grains per yard and 25 grains per yard.

Different Types of Pharmaceutical Coils

As mentioned earlier, there are three different types of pharmaceutical coils available for sale. More details about the individual coils are given below:

1) Rayon coils: The rayon coils are designed in such a manner that they will absorb all the moisture present in the surroundings. If you have packed your pharma products along with rayon coils, you can 100% be guaranteed that the latter will take in all the vapour molecules in the atmosphere. This will keep the pharma products safe and secure till their packaging is finally opened. Rayon coils are generally available in uniform fiber lengths and are very easy to tear off. These features makes rayon coils the ideal choice for the pharmaceutical sector.

Other positive features of rayon coils, which make it suitable for the pharmaceutical industry are that it comprises of man-made fiber like cellulose. It is also biodegradable and has a moisture content of NMT 11%. This is ideal for absorbing moisture from the surroundings. The main use of rayon coils is in the bottling of tablets so that they are not affected by atmospheric humidity.

2) Cotton Coils: Cotton coils are also another widely used type of pharmaceutical desiccants. These coils are natural cotton puritan FDA approved cotton fibers. Cotton coils make use of the highest quality carolina cotton and are able to attract moisture molecules on a large scale. Just like their rayon counterparts, cotton coils are also biodegradable and thus spell good news for the environment. When the cotton coils are kept along side medicines or tablets, they ensure that a dry environment prevails inside.

3) Polyester Coils: The last type of pharmaceutical coils in use is the polyester coils. These polyester coils are usually white in color and odorless. These soft, low moisture fibers are known to contain 100% polyester fibers. Polyester coils are usually used to safeguard tablets and capsules packed in bottles from the side-effects of excess moisture. There are also USFDA approved coils like rayon and cotton.

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